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Newsletter: Criw Cymraeg May 2023


Here we will give you a termly update on how we work towards our gwobr arian, our silver target.

This term we will focus on 3 targets;

Targed 4 – Pupils are able to speak Welsh in a range of situations outside the classroom.

Targed 5 – The Criw cymraeg lead the majority of a weekly Welsh assembly.

Targed 9 – Aspects of one subject is taught through the medium of welsh.


What will we be doing?

  • This half term we will be meeting up with Laura from Gwe to hold a staff meeting and for teachers to implement Welsh planning across  the school through their topic. This will help develop target 9 as a school and broadened the learners Welsh understanding.

  • We have reintroduce ‘Teulu Tuesdays’. We have invited parents into school to work with the children on Welsh themed and vocabulary activities beginning with the younger learners from year 1 and 2.

  • During the term we will hold one cymraeg gwasanaeths explain the criw cymraeg roles and letting each year group learn about their responsibility. Introduce a competition to promote the welsh language in a display and develop a positive attitude towards the leanguage.

  • We will be introducing Gemau Buarth at dinner times. Children from the Criw will go out with Younger Learners to play Welsh games every Wednesday and Thursday.

  • We will think of a new way to use the chalk board in the corridor and give it more of a purpose.

Can’t wait to share our progress 🙂 


Criw Cymraeg