Mobile Header Illustration of Ysgol Maesglas and children

Nursery – Glasbrennau

In Glasbrennau we recognise that children learn best through play, so the adults, experiences and environments all enable children to experience meaningful opportunities to learn. By observing them in their play and listening to each child’s voice we respond to their interests, likes and dislikes and provide a joyful approach to learning. 

Our children love to be outside, no matter what the weather, so very quickly we realised they would each have to learn how to get themselves ready for outdoor fun. We are so incredibly proud of the children for learning to: 

  • make decisions on which outdoor clothing matches not only the weather but what they want to do and
  • learning to change into these themselves.  

They have learnt to overcome common problems like clothing that is inside out and tricky zips. 


In the Autumn term we nurtured their curiosity in the smaller creatures of our world. They provided the ideas and we provided the resources to look more closely at these minibeasts and learn more about them. Together we learnt how we could all share our outdoor learning environment, creating a safe environment for every creature-big and small! 

Glasbrennau’s cease every opportunity to explore, after all they are part of the Ysgol Maesglas Adventurers. They love to open the physical boundaries of their learning environment and travel into the wider school.  

Travelling around the indoor environment has seen them forge a familiarity with staff and older children which has secured their sense of belonging to team Maesglas.  

Venturing out into the school outdoor environment has seen them learn to understand the importance of staying safe whilst exploring every bank, den, tunnel and area. 

Using stories the children have enjoyed they have used the repetitive phrases to travel under, over and around as they were ‘going on a leaf hunt’ and looked for ‘Stickman’.  

Spring term saw us take our adventures out into the community as we went in search of our favourite fruit for amser snac. Visiting the local shop helped us to develop the language needed when playing in their own shops in the adventurers learning environments. It also reminded them of the importance of remembering to pay! 

Should any of us forget this Glasbrennau have since had a visit from Police Officer Mikey who helped us all to solve the problem of who had stolen the silver from the treasure basket. 

The children now very keen to ensure we are all remembering what is expected of us, especially at amser tacluso! Don’t be scared though, if they are going to arrest you they know they have to be fair, kind and have a reason.