Mobile Header Illustration of Ysgol Maesglas and children

Year 2 and 3: Rainforest habitats

Year 2 and 3 (Explorers) have been busy learning about different habitats and the animals that live there. They have previously learned about woodland, ocean, desert and polar habitats. The last habitat they have been studying are rainforests. The children have been learning about animal classification and food chains. They have reinforced their learning by sorting animals into different categories and by making their own rainforest food chains and food chain crafts. They have furthered their maths skills by putting their addition and subtraction knowledge and skills into practice by solving some numeracy-based rainforest themed questions.  To improve their health and wellbeing, they have done some rainforest animal yoga where they pretended they were different animals in the rainforest. Finally, to reinforce their learning, they have made a rainforest animal information slideshow where they have chosen and included facts, information and pictures about various animals that live in the rainforest.