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Reception and Year 1: Adventurers become authors! Writing our own version of ‘Dear Zoo’

The children chose to focus on animals this term as part of our topic ‘Me and the Living World.’ We began by sharing the story of Dear Zoo, the children enjoyed guessing which animal would come next under the each of the flaps. From here they explored a range of tactile books and identified which they liked best and why and then began to plan how they could make a page similar. 
Children continued to practise drawing their favourite animal in order to create the illustration for their page. We worked in oracy groups to discuss adjectives to describe their favourite animal, and this supported them in choosing better vocabulary when writing their story. 
Next, they explored how to make their illustration interactive, some chose a flap, some chose to add texture to create a feely book and others explored how to make a pop-up picture. After a few practise attempts children attached their final interactive element to their book page. 
They then enjoyed sharing the finished stories with each other, their parents via seesaw and older pupils in school!