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Newsletter: Criw Cymraeg November 2023


Here we will give you a termly update on how we work towards our gwobr arian, our silver target.

This term we will focus on 3 targets;

Targed 2 – The advantages of learning Welsh.

Targed 5 – The Criw cymraeg lead the majority of a weekly Welsh assembly every other Wednesday.

Targed 8 -Developing reading in Welsh .


What will we be doing?

  • This half term we will be meeting up with Laura from Gwe to continue to implement planning for Welsh across a range of subjects.

  • We are starting to reintroduce sending bags home to write up about their weekends using the Cymraeg bags.

  • During the term we will hold one cymraeg gwasanaeths explain the criw cymraeg roles and letting each year group learn about their responsibility. We will then encourage Welsh songs into our gwasanaeth each week.

  • We will be introducing Gemau Buarth at dinner times. Children from the Criw will go out with Younger Learners to play Welsh games every Wednesday and Thursday.

  • In PS3 we will begin thinking about guided reading in Cymraeg using the tric a chlic and Maes y Mets books.

Can’t wait to share our progress 🙂 


Criw Cymraeg